For those affected by
Breast Cancer

We are a support group led by patients, for patients and their families.

The group has members of all ages and backgrounds, and offers support and practical help to those who've had, or are undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and for their loved ones.

We are supported by the Breast Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists and the Cancer Services Teams at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital.

'It was a relief to have someone to talk to who understood how I felt when I was diagnosed.'
'I couldn't share my fears with my family, but I can say anything within this group.'
'I needed this group when my treatment ended, that's the time when I got scared - not when I was having medical attention.'
'I've made some lifelong friends in the group.'
'I appreciated all the practical help they gave me.'
'I feel I belong here.'
'I was scared when I went to the first meeting, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming.'
'My medical team were brilliant, but they couldn't help me deal with my emotions, it made a big difference coming to the group.'
'I always end up laughing when I'm here.'
'It gave me so much hope to talk face to face with others who'd been through the same type of breast cancer as me, and come out the other side!'
'I came to my first meeting a week after being diagnosed.'
'I came to my first meeting ten years after being diagnosed.'
'I came to my first meeting when I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.'
'There wasn't anyone to talk to at the hospital about secondary breast cancer, but I can do that here.'
'I came here because I wanted to find out about the day to day practicalities of treatment options from other patients.'

Latest News

Lingerie and Swimwear Evening

The Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals Breast Care Nurses are delighted to announce an evening event at St Peter’s Hospital where Amoena, Anita, Albi & Mac, Thuasne and Marks & Spencer will be exhibiting their latest collections of lingerie for breast operated patients.

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ABC to be on Radio Wey

We have been invited to present a short piece on Radio Wey to publicise ABC! Radio Wey broadcasts to both St Peter’s and Ashford Hospitals.

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