Groundwork Grant

We’ve recently been awarded a grant from Groundwork, an organisation who caretake monies received from the sale of supermarket carrier bags. Voting is due to take place throughout January and  February to determine how much we actually get. 

• ‘First Place’ is £4,000

• ‘Second Place’ £2,000

• ‘Third Place’ receives £1,000.

Locally the voting will be at both Tesco stores in Ashford – the large store at Ashford Hospital (Middlesex) and the small one in the High Street.  If you and families/friends shop there and vote for us that would be fantastic.

All you have to do to vote is to ASK for a token at the till.  Then drop the token in our voting box, which will be located near the entrance/tills.

The money we receive from this will be ringfenced for the provision of transport for our members.  Not everyone has someone that can drive them to medical appointments, or take them home when discharged from hospital,and using public transport is far from ideal.  Although hospital transport and voluntary drivers may be possible, they need notice and are mostly unavailable out of hours and weekends.  After we know the amount we will be getting, we will advise how members can request access to these funds.

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