Inspirational Speaker

Monday 14th January 2019


Sue Clayton gave an inspirational talk for our January session.  She spoke about the positives around cancer and how we can help support the healing process.  Sue has gone through Stage 4 cancer and is currently in remission, but her journey continues. She described how it had been incredibly difficult for her to see any light at the end of the tunnel when she’d just been given, possibly, the most devastating news of her life. But there were things she did to take back some control in her life and negate some of the negatives surrounding cancer.

Sue had set herself small goals, taken turmeric daily, made herself get up every day and do her face and hair, even though she was feeling so ill she didn’t want to. And she’d used holistic and complementary therapies alongside conventional medicines.

This got a good response from our ladies, some of whom were very inspired and could take some of Sue’s tips and apply them in their own situations.


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Education Centre

1st Floor

Ashford Hospital

London Road



TW15 3AA


7.30pm to 9.00pm (approx)